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Hint Horoz or Dögüş Horozu?

Again and again, a Hint Horoz cock, which has combatant blood of other races, is referred to, as a Hint Horoz. For me, this is irritating, because I know the difference between "Hint Horoz" and "Hintmix". The Hint Horoz is pure-blooded and Hintmix is a part of a hint and shares, of one or more, fighting cock races. A well-known Turkish breeder of fighting cocks (EROL DİNÇ from Izmir / Karşıyaka, his Nickname is ALMAN) told me that in Turkey in modern battle lines, a fighting cock is usually a crossing of hint with other fighting cock races. These are not called Hint Horoz, but Dögüş Horozu (fighting cock), only that corresponded to the technical term.

Aside from that he writes me that in Turkey there are only a few performance breeders who have really pure-blooded Hint Horoz. Currently, all victorious fighting cocks in Turkey are Dögüş Horozu without exception. A pure Hint Horoz is not used for fights in the arenas, but to breed modern martial lines. Of course, this Hint Horoz must have the heart of a fighter and must not run away, even if the opponent is superior. This represents the pure blooded Hint Horoz. If a modern battle line in the arenas can not insist, among other things, such Hint Horoz pure breeding animals are used. The Hint Horoz is only one part of a new modern battle line, the selection of other fighting breeds in such a line, requires many years of experience and the breeder must always be re-examined.
A pure and proven Hint Horoz will always be kept as a precious treasure, they are a jewel. An experienced breeder can form victorious battle lines with their aid. IN modern lines the Hint Horoz is genetically diluted, by hybridisation of a pure Hint Horoz you obtain again a super modern Hint Horoz

Erol Dinc and Andi Haller 



Here you can see the different requirements of a breeder to his animals, or line. Top breeder as e.g. Erol, need to have a fine sense and years of experience, to get a winning Dögüş Horozu, to maintain his line and always continue to improve. With nostalgia, and, in the arenas you can not win.
It is different for e.g. for enthusiast breeders (like me). The performance of my animals is not nearly as good as of the animals of Erol (or another top breeder) to compare it would be too presumptuous to make comparisons. Nevertheless, the hobby breeder of fighting cocks of all kinds should take care of performance, robustness and the characteristics of its race. As well as the performance breeders, we enthusiastic breeders should take care on a continuous performance improvement of our lines. In the case of a performance breeder only the (objective) requirements of the arenas form his lines, whereas for hobby breeders subjective perceptions also play a role. Where the Top breeder strictly selects on performance and style, other breeders sometimes form their lines even after the individual points of view. Exhibition breeder pay attention on appearance, in the performance race of poultry farming is a good egg production and / or good meat approach respected. How different the various breeding concerns are - we can all learn from each other.

Translated by Regina Diesch

Andi Haller